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Six Moon Designs EPOUCH ZERO-G Tasche - HikerHaus
Six Moon Designs EPOUCH ZERO-G Tasche - HikerHaus

    Six Moon Designs EPOUCH ZERO-G Tasche

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    Gewicht 250 g

    While constantly on the go, I needed a good way to hold my electronic gear for easy access. The ePouch was developed over a period of two years as I traveled the world. With each iteration, I was able to improve the functionality and nail down the features needed for the busy traveler.

    Too often I found myself in strange airports trying to charge numerous devices. I’d end up with a variety of devices, cables, and chargers laying about. There had to be a simpler and better way. The ePouch incorporates a Power Port that allows me to keep all my devices contained internally. A single power cord runs from the ePouch to the wall. This makes charging simpler and greatly enhances security.

    The ePouch contains numerous pockets of various sizes. They allow you to sort your items where they are both contained and easy to access. Separate “Point and Shoot” camera pockets and phone pockets make it easy to capture that moment or keep in touch.

    A large flap pocket holds your Passport and other important documents. It’s lined with RFID blocking fabric to ensure the safety of your docs.

    Valuables such as money, etc. can be stashed in a zippered internal pocket. Safe from pickpockets and still easy to access when needed.

    Over the two years, the ePouch was undergoing development and testing. I traveled to numerous countries in Europe, Asia and around America. I traveled on every conceivable form a transportation. The ePouch more than met my expectations. In addition to my normal travels, I even carried it on several backpacking trips. It was so useful, that it has now found a home in my normal ultralight backpacking kit.

    We think that the ePouch can make your travels more convenient, safe and fun!

              250 g 
              7 L / 24cm X 10cm X 20cm
              LiteSkin / 4-Way Stretch Mesh



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